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22 December 2011 @ 06:30 pm
Of Fairytales [Advent Drabble 14/25]  
Of Fairytales

He had never been one to believe in fairytales, or at least not the joyful happy kind. He didn’t doubt that the creatures described by the stories were real, but he did highly question the happy ending that the characters always seemed to have. The real Fairy Tales, the ones that ended tragically, we the ones that he was more inclined to believe. After all his life had been one long misfortune after another, all piled upon one another, until he met Sungkyu.

Somehow the simple human had taken his rather tragic story and turned it into a fairytale that little girls would love to hear about. He had no idea how he had managed to find someone to care about him so deeply. Granted it was much easier in America then it would have been in Korea, but still something that was hard to come by. They hadn’t exactly talked about forever, but they hadn’t shied away from it either. Sungkyu spoke like he would be content to wake up beside him every single morning for the rest of his life, something he would be happy to share in, but to do that, there was one final part of himself that he needed to share.

Some werewolves never told their significant other what they were until they were well and truly married, sometimes they never told them at all. It was always a risky business to reveal the information to someone who wasn’t of the pack, a risk that could get them both killed if it went badly, but one he was willing to take. Sungkyu, he felt, had showed him all of himself and he felt it was time to do the same. Besides, he and his Beast agreed on the attachment they were forming with the other man and it would never be fair to not tell him, especially not since his Beast already called the man Mate.

He had decided against the long conversations, not that he thought he couldn’t talk to Sungkyu, they talked all the time, but he felt some things couldn’t be said. It was harder to believe some things when simply hearing them as opposed to actually seeing them for himself. One of those things that would be hard to believe would be the existence of creatures that were only supposed to be a part of stories. Sungkyu would never believe him without being shown.

It wasn’t like he minded showing his lover the truth; in fact he would love to do so, but having him watch the change from man to beast would likely be counterproductive. Although it didn’t bother him now besides the unavoidable pain, when he had been a new wolf he was almost sickened by the reshaping of his body. It would be better to show the final product instead of the process. He could have talked first, retreated to the bathroom and then returned, but by the time he had thought of that he was already standing on four paws in his bedroom.

A carefully worded note handwritten by him lay on the kitchen table to greet his lover when he came in. It detailed what he was and the truth of his existence before inviting the man to come into their now shared bedroom and see for himself. The words were written in a way that Sungkyu would take it seriously, or so he hoped.

He heard the footsteps in the hallway first, then the click of the lock opening, and his the sound of his lover moving into the house. The shuffle seemed to take forever as Sungkyu shed his shoes and dropped his workbag on the table. He heard the rustle of paper when he the man found the note and lifted it from the wooden surface. There was a moment of silence as the man likely read over his words before feet started shuffling towards the bedroom.

Woohyun prepared himself, squashing down the enthusiasm at the reveling of his form. He sat patiently, hunching his shoulders to appear smaller, and being sure to keep his deadly teeth hidden. His Beast scoffed at him as he began to wag his tail with excitement as he heard the man draw closer. He didn’t care. Any moment now he would be revealed and there would be no more secretes between them, at least not from him.

The knob on the door turned, a soft click preceding the hesitant call of, “Woohyun?” He only had a moment to try and riddle out the emotion in the other man’s voice before the door swung open and they were face to face.

The moment their eyes met, Sungkyu froze and the scent of fear rolled off him in waves. Instantly Woohyun reacted, wagging his tail harder and shifting forward to show that there was nothing wrong. He had barely lifted a paw when Sungkyu released a shrill scream of terror that lasted only a moment before it faded into nothing as the man lost consciousness.

Surprised by the suddenness of it all, Woohyun could do nothing but stare with his ears flattened to his skull as his lover crumpled to the floor in the doorway of the bedroom. That, clearly, had not gone as planned and the Beast within him was just as stumped as he was as to what to do. Apparently he was living a Fairy Tale after all, the real kind that, quite frankly, sucked.


AN: So I was watching the show that Infinite is now on with the dogs. When they put the boys in the room with the dogs everyone was like "ohhh dogs!" and excited. Poor Sungkyu was like "Ah I'm going to die!!" So the muses got this idea from there and the idea for the rest of his story line from the fact that he was willing to try to get to know the dogs despite his fears. (I still need to watch past the 1st episode to see how that goes).
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renichifreakrenichifreak on December 22nd, 2011 11:39 pm (UTC)
Kat Elrickat_elric on December 22nd, 2011 11:49 pm (UTC)
Emma: bridgestripysockz on December 22nd, 2011 11:41 pm (UTC)
Fear of dogs must be the most awkward phobia EVER for a werewolf, come to think of it. Aww I love how excited Woohyun is at getting to show himself to Sungkyu, he's just like a puppy lol! Oooh and getting to see the backstory of how they actually got together is so much fun too, because you know how much I love backstory ^_^ Oh and on a random note, I really love how you tied this one to the fairy tale theme - it should be a tenuous link but the way you had the circularity with the first and last lines made it fit really really well - idk I just thought it was really nicely done lol XD

Ahh I really want to watch Birth of a Family, but I'm still only half way through Sesame Player lol. At least I can tell them all apart now... it's a start...
Kat Elrickat_elric on December 22nd, 2011 11:51 pm (UTC)
It has to be the worst because they are huge dogs! And he gets to become one (obviously he gets over it). Woohyun is such a puppy in my mind... that kid is so playful and loving. I thought of you when I was writing this one.

Thanks! You know how I love my circling things when I can. I was glad that this prompt fit so well. Some of these have been hard to work in, like you have to squint to find the connection. lol.

I only watched the first ep. I have 2 left of Sesame Player but I have to go back and watch the whole thing again now that they are sorted out in my mind. ^^;
curionenenecurionenene on December 24th, 2011 03:51 am (UTC)