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01 January 2010 @ 09:23 pm
From the Soul to the Song - Verse Sixteen  
From the Soul to the Song

Verse Sixteen

A night of sleep had not done anything to improve Kibum’s mood. If anything it had darkened further while everyone had been asleep. He walked into the dining room with a scowl on his face and left the same way with a bit of portable breakfast. When Donghae stumbled in a half an hour later he looked as though he was still comatose. It was questionable if he would be able to remain up right if Eunhyuk removed his supporting from around his waist. Heechul was in an equally dark mood, in fact the only two that seemed upbeat were Leeteuk, who bounded into the room like a toddler a half an hour later, and Kangin, who looked tired but was smiling nonetheless.

"Where is everyone?" Leeteuk asked. It was typical for everyone to remain at the table and converse every morning; however this morning Ryeowook was cooking in the kitchen with Yesung in tow. Heechul was nursing a cup of coffee like substance with a scowl, Hankyung beside him. Beyond those four, no one else was anywhere to be found.

"Well Zhou mi and Kyuhyun are discussing a strategy. Donghae is in his room resting with Eunhyuk. Sungmin and Shindong are practicing their flying. Henry is practicing his violin, the non Player kind. Kibum returned to his room and ten minutes ago Siwon said he was going to check on Donghae," Ryeowook informed him.

He carried two plates to the table and set them in front of Leeteuk and Kangin. When Ryeowook settled onto a cushion at the table with a cup of tea, Yesung immediately scooted closer. Ryeowook lifted his arms to accommodate the other man laying his head on his lap and scooting as close as he could.

Leeteuk took a bite of his breakfast and sent a questioning look their direction. Ryeowook sighed. “He said that when our group is like this, it just feels like fourteen different songs from different genres playing at the same time on top volume. It’s a lot of loud noise. He would rather just listen to mine because his own is dangerous to listen to, so I guess this is how he puts on the headphones.”

Heechul snorted. “He has you so whipped you are talking for him.” Yesung offered him a rude gesture, to which Heechul only laughed.

Leeteuk nodded. “Maybe you should go down to the beach or something, away from everyone.”

Ryeowook looked like he was pondering for a minute. “Yeah that would probably be a good idea.” Yesung nodded his agreement into Ryeowook’s stomach. Together the pair rose and crept from the room.

“Well I am not staying here with the sunshine twins,” Heechul declared drinking the rest of his coffee in one gulp. He quickly climbed to his feet and took his cup to the sink. When he returned he stared down at Hankyung until the man tipped his head back in question. “I’m returning to my room and you are going to come give me a full body massage,” he ordered.

Hankyung smiled, amused, “Alright.”

Kangin watched them leave with an amused look on his face. “Do you think that is what they are actually going to do?”

“I don’t even want to think about it. I still share a dorm with them remember? Now eat your breakfast,” Leeteuk ordered.

Kangin snickered but obeyed. “What are you going to do after breakfast?”

“I’m going to try out my new back,” Leeteuk declared excitedly.

“Just take it easy,” Kangin told him worriedly. “I don’t know how well I fixed it.”

“Don’t worry. If something happens, you’ll be there to fix it again.” Kangin sighed but finished his breakfast anyway.

By the time Kyuhyun and Zhou mi poked their heads into the kitchen, the pair was already gone. Kyuhyun threw up his hands in anger. “I swear! We are never going to win if we can’t all sit down and come up with a strategy! Where is everybody?!” he asked exasperated.

Zhou mi laughed and slung a friendly arm over his shoulders. “Off having sex probably. Would you like to do the same with me, Kui Xian?”

For a brief moment horror flashed across Kyuhyun’s face at the idea. “Not even in your dreams,” he declared, punching the Chinese man lightly in the side for his bad joke.

“Well, all this leg is here for the taking whenever you want it,” Zhou mi ran a hand down his leg in a matter that was supposed to be sexy but ended up simply looking ridiculous.

“As long as it still leads to your boy bits I’m never going to be taking it anywhere.”

Zhou mi, who couldn’t hold it a second longer, doubled over in laugher. Kyuhyun was forced to join him for a moment before he got himself back under control. “Well,” Zhou mi declared, wiping away a stray tear. “I’m off to find something to do.”

Kyuhyun grabbed the back of his collar and tugged. “I don’t think so. At least one person is going to be planning with me.” He began dragging the man back to the living room ignoring his protests the entire way.


The next day it was clear that little to no actual planning had happened. If Chanita had to rate their performance she would certainly say it was worse than their previous attempts, and possibly worse than anything they had done so far.

Heechul seemed determined to burn everything that got close to him. Although Siwon and Hankyung fought as well as they could, there was little they could do for a Weaver who could not focus.

Yesung had been fine at first. He, Ryeowook, and Zhou mi had worked well together and seemed to be making actual progress in a forward direction. It wasn’t until half of the way through the battle when he had grabbed Ryeowook’s wrist and refused to let go, that things seemed to begin going downhill for them. That had made Ryeowook unable to do much to defend either of them which had in turn resulted in eventual defeat.

Donghae was defeated nearly before they began. The moment he had pulled in Kibum and Eunhyuk’s song, he had clenched his teeth against the roll of emotion he had felt. From that point on he had been too distracted to weave more than the very basic Weavings. Kibum had defended him viciously and Eunhyuk had nearly defeated himself from trying too hard.

The only two teams that seemed to have made any progress were the Earth team and the Wind team. Leeteuk had taken to trying as many quick and flexible stunts as he could, while Kangin smiled after him. Kyuhyun and his team had mastered the art of speed and were using it to dart from place to place, forcing Jungmin and Kyujong to keep up with them.

By the third run through that morning, Henry had given up calling his violin at all. The way he saw it he would be out before he would even have a chance to use it. Sure enough he was the first one to be caught by Yunho who gave him an apologetic smile before leaping away so that Heechul’s gout of flame would follow him.

Chanita watched Super Junior fall, until only Kangin and Leeteuk were remaining due to their shielding skills. She waited until they were overwhelmed and the battle was drawn to a close before storming to the center of the field. “I don’t know what exactly has happened to all of you but we are finished for the day. I’m going to give you one week to get your acts together. At the end of that week you will be given one opportunity to face off with your peers. If you do not win, your training will begin again from the very beginning.” Having said what she wanted to, she turned and walked silently from the field.

Leeteuk looked at his group who was standing, with the exception of Kibum, with their teams. “We are going to have a group meeting, immediately.”


The walk back to their dorm had been a silent one. Their friends had said nothing, but offered them apologetic looks as they went their separate ways to their activities for the rest of the day. Leeteuk led the way into the dorm and to the living room, where he crossed his arms and waited until everyone had gathered.

“What has happened to us?” he asked as soon as everyone had filed in. He was met by several blank stares while Heechul simply glared in challenge and Donghae looked guilty.

“Look,” Leeteuk continued as he settled into a chair. “I know a lot is changing but we always have been a family that could overcome anything that was happening. Why is this any different?”

Kangin sighed as no response was forth coming. Instead he laid a hand on Leeteuk’s arm. “A lot has happened lately. Maybe everyone just needs some time to adjust.”

Leeteuk sighed. It was clearly time for plan B. “Alright, everyone go do whatever it is that you do. We’ll meet up here tonight for a strategy discussion.” Seeing that they were dismissed, the members of Super Junior got up and dispersed their separate ways. Leeteuk sighed again.

“Teukie, some things you can’t force on them,” Kangin said quietly.

“I know but-“

“No. Listen. Half of our members have suddenly just turned gay for their teammates thanks to these powers. You know as well as I do every single one of them had dreams of a nice woman and a house full of children. Somehow that has changed,” Kangin explained. “That on top of everything else is making things a little strained. They will adjust, they just need time.”

Leeteuk sighed. “You’re right.” He smiled at Kangin and patted his arm gently. “You should go get some sleep. I can tell you are exhausted.”

Kangin returned his smile and offered him a slightly suspicious look, before he agreed. “I think I will do that.”

Leeteuk watched him leave before rising to his feet and stretching slightly. It was time for his second plan, divide and conquer.


Leeteuk started with Henry, who seemed to be the easiest to corner alone. After a brief conversation and several reassurances, Henry had been both lonely and feeling useless, Leeteuk was able to leave him feeling marginally better. Ten minutes later he delivered a smiling Zhou mi to Henry’s room to keep him company.

Ryeowook and Yesung had been simple as well. Leeteuk had simply spent time with them trying to understand what was occurring in Yesung. Neither of them seemed to have much of an idea beyond what he was experiencing, but they promised to keep him up to date on any changes. Yesung seemed to be in a good enough mood, given the circumstances, and Ryeowook seemed more than willing to help, so Leeteuk let them be.

He found Siwon, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, and Shindong together in Sungmin’s room playing cards. The four seemed mostly upbeat with the exception of Siwon who was simply worried for Heechul’s foul mood. Kyuhyun was mostly upset that he couldn’t help them with a strategy to win. Leeteuk reassured him that he would be able to lead their meeting that evening to do all he could to help them before he left them to their game.

Next he had looked in on Kangin, who was peacefully sleeping in his own room, before moving on to Donghae and Eunhyuk. Donghae was clearly miserable nearly to the point of being sick. He refused to let go of Eunhyuk until Leeteuk had sent him to Sungmin and the others, saying that he needed to speak with Donghae privately. As soon as he left Donghae had looked like a child who had just had his favorite toy smashed right in front of him. With a sigh Leeteuk had suggested that he go to the kitchen and make himself something to eat, perhaps that would make him feel better. Not knowing what else to do, Donghae had agreed.

Leeteuk had left him to that and headed to Kibum’s room. The man had looked up when he entered and then returned to his book. Even direct questions resulted in the shortest possible answer from the youngest man. Finally, Leeteuk carefully sank onto the bed with a groan.

“Hyung, are you alright?” Kibum asked softly.

“Yeah it’s just,” Leeteuk winced sharply and stiffened as if it hurt to move, “my back is flaring up pretty badly. Do you think you could go brew me some herbal tea? It helps.”

“Sure. The kind Ryeowook usually makes you?” the unsuspecting man asked.

“Yes please.”

“Alright I’ll be right back,” he said as he closed his book and laid it on the bed.

Leeteuk managed to contain his satisfied smile until Kibum had left the room. Then he jumped from the bed with triumph written all over his face and snuck from the room to see the results of his plan.


Leeteuk knew the moment that Kibum had noticed Donghae was in the kitchen. His whole body had stiffened for a moment, halfway between steps, not knowing whether to proceed of flee.

“Kibum?” he heard Donghae say softly.

“Leeteuk needs his tea,” Kibum said hurriedly, as he began to move forward into the kitchen again.

Leeteuk managed to find an angle to watch the pair from without being seen himself, a skill perfected by years of being a leader. Both men were going about their business stiffly as if the other were not there. They stayed in silence until Donghae, sniffled quietly.

“Donghae?” Kibum asked quietly.

“Just a runny nose,” he said lamely.

“Are you sure?” Kibum asked. Without thinking he stepped forward and placed his hand on Donghae’s arm. The other man couldn’t hold back a whimper and Kibum jerked his hand back as if he had been burned. “I’m hurting you, aren’t I?” Kibum’s hands clenched into fists and his face became an unreadable mask.

“No, I, it’s not your fault,” Donghae muttered incoherently. “There is just so much anger and pain and I don’t know what I did but I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to turn you gay and make you sleep with me.”

Kibum’s eyes widened. “That is what you think this is about?”

“What else could it be about,” Donghae said miserably.

“Donghae,” Kibum said forcefully. He stepped forward and grabbed Donghae by the upper arms. “I don’t know how much control you have over your empathy but if you can look past the anger and the pain, what do you feel?”

Donghae looked helpless for a moment before realization dawned on his face. “But Kibum-“

“It has never been about what you did,” Kibum cut him off, “or what we did together. I don’t regret a moment of that. I’m not gay Donghae, I’m just irrevocably in love with you.”

“But you are so angry and hurt and,” his words trailed off when Kibum pressed their lips together for a moment.

“Donghae do you remember the conversations and the bets we had over who would be more protective of their future wife? I do not share, not in this, but I have to and I’m trying.”

“Kibum I can –“

Kibum held up a hand cutting him off. “No, I know that you need him too. I’m learning to live with it. I won’t lie and say it doesn’t make me horribly jealous every time he so much as touches you.” Donghae sniffled slightly and he pulled the man in close to him, in the tightest hug he could.

“I shouldn’t have lost my temper the other day,” he continued softly. “I was just already upset with the entire situation and then you defended him and that was the last straw.”

“I’m sorry,” Donghae murmured.

“Don’t be. It’s not your fault. I’ll learn to get over it,” Kibum ran his hand over Donghae’s back before he smiled. “I think I might need to remind you how much I want you though.”

“Please,” Donghae said in the most pleading voice he had ever used. Kibum didn’t say another word, but pressed their lips together so passionately it was if he was trying to express everything he felt through that alone.

Leeteuk smiled to himself and turned from the scene in the kitchen. With their problems solved he had only one more thing to take care of.


When he had arrived at Heechul’s room, he had decided to knock. Experience had taught him that Heechul didn’t really care who was opening the door. If it was opened without a preceding knock then the offender would see what they would see. The door was answered by Hankyung who was thankfully fully clothed.

“I came to check on Heechul,” Leeteuk informed him.

Hankyung smiled, crossed his arms, and leaned against the doorframe lazily. “He is fine. He’s just moody because, as he says, ‘Kibum is a bitch with his panties in a bunch that needs to get over the fact another man is fucking the same guy he is’ and that ‘Donghae needs to grow a pair and tell them both to get over it or he will find someone else to service him’ and that ‘Eunhyuk needs to get his head out his ass and teach Kibum a thing or two’ and ‘If Yunho beats us one more time, words will not be able to describe what he will do to the man’.” During the entire speech the Chinese man used a tone somewhere between amused and bored.

“Excuse me! I am right here!” Heechul snarled from inside the room, “and I can hear everything you say!”

Leeteuk ignored the man in favor of giving Hankyung a strange look. “You know some fairly filthy Korean.”

Hankyung shrugged. “You try sleeping with him for a week. You’ll learn words you didn’t even know existed in your own language.”

“No thanks I’ll pass,” Leeteuk said quickly.

“What am I? A whore for you to sell off to whoever you want?!” Heechul’s voice carried to them again.

“Don’t worry,” Hankyung told Leeteuk with a smile. “He’ll be fine as soon as things get sorted out with everyone.”

“That is good to hear.”

“Am I yelling at myself?!” Heechul yelled.

“If you will excuse me,” Hankyung said smirking. “I have a whore that I need to take care of.”

“I heard that!”

Leeteuk simply nodded and was thankful when the door closed once more. There were some things that he just didn’t need to know. With his tasks complete, he decided to head outside to work through some exercises that he hadn’t been able to do in a long time and was dying to try with his newly healed back. In his mind, it could still prove to be a good day after all.


After a quiet dinner, Super Junior had gathered in the living room once more. This time the mood seemed much more settled then it had before. Leeteuk figured his feeling was correct, since Yesung seemed largely unbothered by being in all of their presence. In fact he was sitting with his feet tucked under Ryeowook’s leg, but other than that he was not touching the man at all. This was a vast improvement from him trying to crawl into the man just that morning.

Donghae was sitting on the floor with Eunhyuk on one side and Kibum on the other. He had both of the men’s hands clasped in one of his own and Leeteuk was under suspicions that he was trying to figure out how to cuddle with both of them without them killing each other. Kibum only looked the slightest bit irritated, while Eunhyuk was doing his best to look normal and not as if he expected Kibum to kill him at a moment’s notice.

Heechul was grumpy but more for show then anything. He grumbled and wiggled and elbowed Hankyung who calmly put up with it until he wormed and squirmed his way in the Chinese man’s lap in the exact position he wanted. Siwon had received his feet and given no compliant at the action. Instead he was unintentionally petting Heechul’s slender ankle moments later.

The rest of the members were scattered around looking relaxed if not downright in a good mood. Kyuhyun stood in front of a white board that Yesung had pulled from home for him ten minutes earlier. He had a marker in hand and cleared his throat for attention. Leeteuk smiled and waited to see what the young man had to say.

“If you guys haven’t noticed we have been losing, badly,” Kyuhyun started.

“Tell us something we don’t know,” Heechul grumbled.

“We have been losing,” Kyuhyun said as he ignored the man, “because we have been just doing whatever we wanted and not working together as a team. I watched our opponents support each other with Weavings through the entire battle. I know for some of you that would be awkward but for Kangin and me there should be no problem. Still that is not enough. We need a strategy.”

“What do you propose?” Leeteuk asked before anyone else could speak up.

“I see it like this. It’s like when you are playing World of Warcraft,” Sungmin snickered and Zhou mi tried valiantly to hold back the same noise. Kyuhyun glared at them both before continuing. “When you do anything in a group, the members of your group have roles. They fall into three categories: tank, healer/buffer, and dps.” As he spoke he wrote each word up on the board.

Heechul laughed outright, knowing exactly what he was talking about. “The tank,” Kyuhyun continued for those that might have no idea, “is the player that holds down the enemy. They are showy and violent. They do a ton of damage all at one time as flashy as possible to keep the enemies attention on them and off the rest of the party. This is where Heechul comes in,” he scribbled the man’s name under the word tank. “Even if he doesn’t do real damage, he can create a ton of fire and therefore creating threat that the enemy won’t be able to ignore.”

“Dps is damage per second. These party members do little amounts of damage but they do it very fast. They generally use things such as sneak attacks or ranged weapons to get their jobs done. This is where my team, Yesung’s, and Donghae’s come into play.” Kyuhyun added their names to the board. “My team can move fast. Donghae’s team is designed for very fluid and quick movements and Yesung’s is great for the long ranged stuff.”

“Then we have the final groups, our healers/buffers. Kangin’s team is both but Henry is our buffer,” he added their names to the board. “Kangin is the only one with healing abilities to keep our team going and he is the strongest at shielding. Henry is the one who can take all of our Songs and tie them together while amplifying them. These are the people that the rest of us should be protecting. We should all be dead before anything can get to them, especially Henry.”

“When did you come up with all of this?” Kangin asked.

“Yesterday, when we were all supposed to be planning.”

“Hey I helped too,” Zhou mi reminded him.

“Drawing a picture of a squirrel falling out of a tree was not helping,” Kyuhyun told him, narrowing his eyes.

“So does anyone have any ideas on how to use this information,” Leeteuk asked getting them back onto track. Following that, ideas were shouted from left and right, as Super Junior got down to a true brainstorming session. Kyuhyun recorded every one studiously on the board. Leeteuk smiled. Finally they were getting somewhere.

Verse Seventeen


Character Information

AN: Yes I am a dork that plays WoW. Sadly I am on the US realms so my chances of ever playing with one of the boys is probably 0% (not that that had anything to do with me playing the game.) So at this point in the series what are you all thinking? Are my silent readers still hanging around for the fun? I know there has to be some of you. ^_^

Thanks guys for all of the comments this far! I love hearing what you are thinking. I love it when some of you say that you saw things coming and I also love hearing about when I totally surprise you. If there are things you don't like you can tell me that too. Or if something is confusing please let me know. I'm growing as a writer and things like that help. Feel free to ask questions as some of you have. If its not contained later in the story I will definitely do my best to answer them. Remember the Character information post exists for your benefit! Thanks guys and hope you start the new year out right!
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snoorellasnoorella on January 2nd, 2010 02:56 am (UTC)
I LOVE IT. heehee, probably one of my favourite chapters yet, just because of the end. kyu's full of awesome. zhou mi drawing a picture of a squirrel falling out of a tree had me laughing my ass off. he's too smiley and cute :D

hmm, the kihaehyuk is going somewhere... though i dunno where. that pairing is the one that makes me the most confused, actually. because i don't know what's gonna happen. if kibum loves donghae, and hae loves kibum, then hyuk? sigh. this is so sad.

kyu planning out what to do gives me the impression that he's really competitive, heehee. leeteuk's completely awesome, helping out everyone. he's such an awesome leader and him with kangin is so sweet. yesung and ryeowook are really cute too because of how wook is the only way yesung can feel less stressed up. i love that.

ZHOU MI'S A FLIRT. and i hope that no one else gets together :P that might just be me, because the more i read the story, the more i realize that most of the characters are better off being best friends, rather than 'lovers', exactly. like kyu & sungmin & shindong seems so much better as friends, along with kyu and zhou.

great chapter! i can't wait for the next one :D i wanna play WoW! and starcraft, but that would waste my time (time i could use for studying, mind you) hmm, i like how you write, since you like criticism. you have a different, less blunt but more roundabout way of writing, which i like. that's the type of writing that actually gives readers a sense of how everything looks, i think. i like that alot. and like i mentioned before, i don't like kihaehyuk, because EVENTUALLY someone will get hurt and that will result in me being sad (especially if it's hyuk).

happy new year! (even if it's late, heehee)
Kat Elrickat_elric on January 2nd, 2010 03:18 am (UTC)
I don't know where that idea came from but those two are so naughty and I could totally see Zhou mi getting bored and drawing whatever he thinks of first right on top of or in the margins of battle plans. (Recent clips of him drawing on their album picture that was on the back of their clip boards during an interview comes to mind...)

Yep my trio is going somewhere. They should get there, or well on their way there, in the next chapter or so.

I had to pull in Kyu's gamer competitiveness, especially since he is convinced that this whole thing is a just like a video game. He is fierce on those things. Leeteuk really is a great leader. I'm glad you like the Yesung and Ryeowook. I was worried it would be to much.

I have been watching some of SJM's stuff and Zhou mi is a crazy flirt! He just has this smile that is sweet, sexy, and naughty all at the same time!

I have been contemplating getting into starcraft. I have some friends that play it and they say it is a good game.

Thanks. It's good to hear others opinion about my writing. I'm glad you enjoy my writing style (I guess that is why you are still reading! ^_^). I try really hard to make sure I give everyone a sense of what is going on. There are just some things I wish I could put onto paper, like epic composition scenes of different teams training and flashing back and forth accompanied with music. It doesn't come out quite the same on paper (apparently my mind is convinced that this is a movie).

I wonder if I could ever change your mind on the dislike of the trio.... *secretive smile* (I would cry if hyuk got hurt too!)

*laughs* Close enough! Happy New Year to you too!
Victoriaicerose1224 on January 2nd, 2010 03:14 am (UTC)
woot! new chapter! <3 teukie.....I have no words for him. he is one of the best problem solvers ever. (he should run SME, there would be so many less lawsuits. ><") kieunhae is still so cute! i love how hankyung knows all this filthy korean! (miss his 'i dont speak korean' on the variety shows. T_T) Kyu is just adorable~ <3 Sungmin and Zhou Mi are funny. XD And Mimi helped by drawing a squirrel fall out of a tree.....i laughed for 5 minutes straight. please spoil us!
Kat Elrickat_elric on January 2nd, 2010 03:24 am (UTC)
Ooh Teukie running SME. Great idea! Since all of this crap started I kept saying that DBSK and Super Junior could break from the company and start their own, then get all of the other groups to go with them, like SNSD and SHINee. They could call it AOE (As One Entertainment) or FFE (For the Fan's Entertainment) or RBE (Rainbow Balloons Entertainment). (I'll stop coming up with ridiculous acronyms now.)

Yeah... When SJM revealed that when Hankyung is upset he speaks in Korean, that right their told me that the boy is proficient and knows where more then he pretends to.

*laughs* Well if I continue to crank out chapters at a decent rate, these things should show up with relative frequency. ^_^

I'm glad you enjoyed it!
pcd_intrainingpcd_intraining on January 2nd, 2010 04:25 am (UTC)
haha I LOVE WoW TOO! but my dad wont buy me a new one, he says that its bad for me!! *pouts* its not bad it FUN!! I love it!! WoW NERDS UNITE!!

Thank god that the KiHaeHyuk got worked out!! Haha I loved when Hannie was relaying that stuff to Teukie, “If you will excuse me,” Hankyung said smirking. “I have a whore that I need to take care of.” Pirceless!!
Love Leeteuk's meddling!!
Kyuhyun is the ultimate strategist!! <33
Kat Elrickat_elric on January 2nd, 2010 02:57 pm (UTC)
Well it kinda does steal your soul and all of your free time. I was sad that I had to be an adult this semester and not play so that I could do well in college. But it is a lot of fun!

KiHaeHyuk is only half worked out. Don't be fooled, Kibum still isn't happy but he is trying and Donghae is alright with that.

I love Leeteuk's meddling too. He is just to adorable.

I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter. ^_^
mochi_501x: Jungmin6mochi_501x on January 2nd, 2010 04:33 am (UTC)
" forcing Jungmin and Kyujong to keep up with them. "

" “Drawing a picture of a squirrel falling out of a tree was not helping,” Kyuhyun told him, narrowing his eyes. "
LOLOLOLOL , i can totally picture zhoumi doing that XD .

ZOMG , i love how Kyuhyun is such a gamer XD . he's the strategiest (i think i spelt that wrong XD) and he bases it on WoW XD .
Kat Elrickat_elric on January 2nd, 2010 03:02 pm (UTC)
*laughs* The only hint you are probably going to get... I'll have to write some Kyumin just for you sometime. ^_^

Me too! Poor little squirrel.

Kyuhyun is brilliant. (You spelled it close enough that I could understand it ^_^) I just see him laying out battle plans for all of them.
saanrio: HeeChul and KiBumsaanrio on January 2nd, 2010 04:55 am (UTC)
May I just say that Ilove the fact that you actually knew what you were talking about with WoW, and not just trying to fake it? Having played most of the same games that the SJ guys actually play it really bugs me when people try to fake their way through descriptions of the games... Don't be sorry to be a WoW player.

I am really enjoying the fact that you have not let everything be all roses and sunshine for the boys in this. I like that they are all having adjustments to make in some way or another, that they have to learn how to deal with each other in ways they didn't have to before. I also loved Kibum's words to Donghae... the whole bit about not being gay, just irrevocably in love with him was just too sweet for words.

I have to admit... I have started checking on a regular basis for updates to this... I love it! <3
Kat Elrickat_elric on January 2nd, 2010 03:25 pm (UTC)
Thanks. It bothers me how people sort of make up the details of the games without really knowing. I am so going to try Starcraft some time so I can learn what they play. Although one of my friends warned me never to go against a South Korean on Starcraft because I would be dead before I ever figured out what happened. lol.

Honestly, I don't like fics that are all roses and sunshine. I like a happy ending but all flowers has nothing to do with real life. Real life isn't like that, and I like my stories to seem real.

I really don't think that any of them are gay no matter how they act, and even if they were, the chances of the whole group being like that are slim to none. Even in this it isn't like Kibum is gay, it's just a Donghae thing. Plus I am a sucker for sweet mushy fluffy moments. (And just because I don't really think any of them are gay doesn't mean that I won't be a fangirl and write them that way. ^_^)

I'm excited to hear you are checking for updates! Happy day!
she's a ma-ma-ma-ma-machine~razi_a on January 2nd, 2010 05:05 am (UTC)
Well, I think that, by now, you already know my opinion on the KiHaeHyuk thing ^^ *kills Kibum mentally*

*cough* Despite that, I love this story! The plot is great and I just can't wait to see them in real action! And I can't wait to see the KyuMin too it will be KyuMin right? D: please, don't break another otp of mine *cries*!
mister fish, did you die?tees2mai on January 2nd, 2010 05:42 am (UTC)
*pushes self in*

HI I LOVE UR ICON *steals to use*

Also, KiHaeHyuk- MTE. (Crazy EunHae Shipper Alert)

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(no subject) - tees2mai on January 3rd, 2010 02:54 pm (UTC) (Expand)
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(no subject) - kat_elric on January 3rd, 2010 04:17 pm (UTC) (Expand)
|| MELODYkai ||: SUJU - Kyuhyun 2melodykai on January 2nd, 2010 05:11 am (UTC)
HOW DID I MISS AN UPDATE? D: I started reading and was like "Why is Kibum mad? Why is everyone upset? I don't get it!"

I freaking love that Kyuhyun put his gaming to use and came up with all their strategy. See, this is why gaming is awesome and completely educational. Logic skills ftw. That cannot be taught in classrooms. Not only that, but it gives you the ability to quickly alter your strategy while you're on the battlefield. Sungmin and Zhou Mi will be happy for Kyu's gaming eventually.

lmao at Zhou Mi's squirrel drawing. I loooove it.

I also want to back up a bit (since I just had to read 2 verses), and say EUNHYUK! omg poor baby. ;__; I hope you're going to make him save Kibum's butt in the future so Kibum can eat his words. XD

♥ this so much.
Kat Elrickat_elric on January 2nd, 2010 03:29 pm (UTC)
Oh that would be a bit confusing. I hate it when that happens.

I agree! Gaming is very useful! It trains your mind. It really actually does teach you how to think a lot faster which is pretty cool.

It was probably a pretty pathetic looking squirrel. ^_^

I'm a little mean to Eunhyuk. Would you believe me if I said it will be alright by the end?

I'm glad you are enjoying it.
mister fish, did you die?tees2mai on January 2nd, 2010 05:40 am (UTC)
Hey there! So I haven't commented in a while and I'm so sorry, I thought I'd finally drop in and say:


And lookie! Hae can be happy again 8) Also, Evil! Leetuek is all sorts of win.

and that convo between Geng, Tuek and Chul was just epic 8D


Keep up the great work you :)
Kat Elrickat_elric on January 3rd, 2010 02:53 am (UTC)
Don't worry about not commenting in a while. I figured you were still reading. ^_^

lol. Kyu is just sexy period. The fact that he is a genius is a bonus.

Thanks. I'll try!
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(no subject) - tees2mai on January 3rd, 2010 04:09 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Sky: Snark plus witshinelikethesky on January 2nd, 2010 05:52 am (UTC)
You know, when SuJu beats DBSK and SS501, I think it will be epic.

Why am I not surprised that Kyuhyun would use something like WoW as his inspiration for a strategy? That's so clever! Reading this reminded me of some of my friends. They play WoW and sometimes that's all they'll talk about. Like I'll be sitting there wondering "What?", but now I know something! Bwahaha~

And what does a squirrel falling out of a tree have to do with anything, Zhoumi? He's so cute! Fail!Flirty Zhoumi, I want to pinch your cheeks. P:

“Well, all this leg is here for the taking whenever you want it,” Zhou mi ran a hand down his leg in a matter that was supposed to be sexy but ended up simply looking ridiculous.

His legs go on for miiiiles. And I can just imagine him doing that with the biggest smile on his face ever. Kind like this: 8^DDD

“If you will excuse me,” Hankyung said smirking. “I have a whore that I need to take care of.”
I rather like sassy Hankyung. <3

And I'm glad Kibum is trying to understand the situation. But I have a feeling he won't be totally accepting for a while.

\o/ <- This is me every time you update.
Did I tell your Happy New Year yet? XD
Happy New Year (again?)!
Kat Elrickat_elric on January 3rd, 2010 02:57 am (UTC)
I hope it is as epic as you are hoping. I'll certainly try.

*laughs* You can now wow them with your knowledge of the way a raid works. lol.

Oh my gosh he has really nice long legs. I love watching him dance.

*laughs* I'm glad you like it when I update. I don't know if you told me yet but I'll take it again! Happy New Year to you too!
♫  I Phail @ Musical Chairs ♫ricecakestar on January 2nd, 2010 06:41 am (UTC)
I swear I get more excited about this story with every chapter, hehe...
Urgh. I feel bad, I wasn't able to get those arts scanned for Christmas :P
(Happy New Year, btw ^^)

I'm glad that KiHae made up (I didn't realise I was rooting for it until I was done reading this chapter, haha)
QMi's interactions in this made me crack up. Mi's offer of sex made me laugh, and then his fail!sexy leg touch made my sides hurt xDD;
And this too:
“Hey I helped too.” “Drawing a picture of a squirrel falling out of a tree was not helping.”

I'm enjoying how the fic is progressing :D
Really, I love this fic so much. I'd write fanfiction on it. So would that be called fan-fanfiction 8D? *shot*

I can't wait for more > w
Kat Elrickat_elric on January 3rd, 2010 03:00 am (UTC)
It is really good to hear that you are excited. ^_^ Don't worry about the drawings. Whenever you get them scanned in is fine. I have something to look forward to.

*laughs* They did. I mean really how could anyone leave Hae upset for to long.

I love playing with Kyu and MImi's friendship dynamic. There is just so much fun there to be capitalized on.

Actually I have seen people write fanfiction of a fanfiction, or at least something set in the same universe as it. I guess it would be called fan fanfiction. lol.
aimaw: han geng stareaimaw on January 2nd, 2010 07:32 am (UTC)
This is one funny chapter.

I love Kyu's retort to Mimi's leg comment. And how Hankyung and Leeteuk ignore Heechul.

Now, Kyu can put all of his knowledge on strategy games to good use...
Kat Elrickat_elric on January 3rd, 2010 03:01 am (UTC)
I'm glad you liked it.

Sometimes the best way to deal with Heechul is to ignore him, I'm sure.

Kyu knew all that knowledge would be good for something eventually. ^_^
lucid_acolytelucid_acolyte on January 2nd, 2010 11:09 am (UTC)
This is fun~! pwahahahahha

Kibum seems like a five years old who doesn't want to share his favorite toy.But at least they are trying to share XD

Kyuhyun! pwahahahahahahhaa he really makes me laugh. I like how he's able to relate it to a computer game. LOL but come to think of it, it makes sense since this is sort of like a video game for them kekekeke

and I feel kind of weird knowing what he's talking about even without his explanation...@__@ <-had stopped playing RPG games years ago~

Next chapter would be very good. *__* <-anticipating LOL
Kat Elrickat_elric on January 3rd, 2010 03:03 am (UTC)
I can't really blame Kibum. I wouldn't want to share Donghae either if I was in his place.

*laughs* Kyuhyun has been relating this whole thing to a video game since the beginning. What is one more step?

I was hoping some of my readers might know. I am such a nerd for writing that. ^_^

The next chapter is a good one. It will be coming shortly I am sure. ^^
(no subject) - lucid_acolyte on January 3rd, 2010 03:34 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Al: 성민 ♥  규민; What Ifwhenstars_fall on January 2nd, 2010 11:28 am (UTC)
I really liked this chapter :D

I have never been fond of OT3s because I can't imagine how they... work, but I like reading about the struggles that the water trio is going through and I am waiting to see how their relationship will play out :)

Zhoumi drawing a squirrel falling off a tree had me burst out laughing so bad! I can't believe he still had the cheek to claim credit for the strategy xD

Kyuhyun as a strategist, on the other hand, is just awesome. I had a great time reading his (or rather, your) explanation of WoW even though I have never played it, or any online game for that matter - you really know your stuff! I am very excited for their next mock battle and I am hoping they'll win! >D Or at least not lose too badly.

Looking forward to the next update ♥
Kat Elrickat_elric on January 3rd, 2010 03:07 am (UTC)
There are very few trios I like, (although I am a huge sucker for SiHanChul). I think struggles are a part of any relationship and if you have three people in a relationship, they are bound to be worse.

Maybe in his mind the squirrel falling has a key part to play. *shrugs*

Thanks. I'm currently half addicted to WoW. I'm either writing, looking at Kpop stuff or playing WoW. When I got into group battles I was like ooh story! And so you have it. ^_^
lil_aqua_chiclil_aqua_chic on January 2nd, 2010 12:46 pm (UTC)
<3 <3 <3
I'm happy to finally see there are some sort of calmness in the group ^^
Poor Kibum and Hae and Hyuk! I hope things work out 100% fine soon!!!

LOL Mimi and his long legs xD That totally made me think of Happy Camp when he was admitting what wrong he did to Hankyung xDDDD Couple that with the action he did in Happy Camp = laughing fit xD

Oh and and and SNEAKY Teukie!!! <3 <3 <3 Devious but omg awesome!
LOL i love how you described him as bouncy as a toddler! LOL perfect description xDDD

Somehow this fic makes me feel a bit melachony.. thinking of SJM's situation and what's been happening lately T^T Anyways don't let me ruin your mood though!

I hope you've had an awesome new year hun ^^ Keep up the AWESOME!!!! work <3
Kat Elrickat_elric on January 3rd, 2010 03:10 am (UTC)
I couldn't leave them in termoil for too long.

I love Mimi's long legs. I only watched the first ten minutes of Happy Camp and was loving it. I really need to finish it when I have time. They are so amusing to watch.

Peter Pan Teukie is back now that he is pain free. ^_^

I know. I am saddened by that, but then I force my self to remember that he is just a human and it sounds as though SME was literally working him to death, so I really can't blame him.

Not too bad of a new year. Hope yours was good as well and thanks! ^_^