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27 April 2011 @ 07:56 pm
Spring Kissing Drabble - Make Up Kisses  
Make Up Kisses
For jhana555

His master was serious this time, that much he knew. Not as though the man hadn’t seemed serious the rest of the sixty two times he had said they were through, but none of them had ever grown to this level. Apparently his master being serious involved setting pictures on fire in the middle of the living room in an ashtray and if the man’s expression was any indication, clothing would be the next thing on the list. The back of the couch hardly seemed like a safe perch any longer, let alone anywhere in the apartment.

Just as his master was eyeballing the small flame, a t-shirt clutched in his hand, the front door opened signaling the return of their leader and the salvation for their dorm. “Heechul,” the leader said, warning in his voice as soon as he took one look at the living room floor. “We can’t afford fire damage. Let me get you scissors.”

“Not satisfying enough,” his master snarled.

From the back of the couch he mewled and received a glare that nearly set him on fire. Frowning the leader moved to him and scooped him into his arms. “Heechul don’t take this out on Heebum. He didn’t do anything,” The leader scolded, running a soothing hand over his furred body. It wasn’t as though his master’s glare had bothered him, he was used to that. No it was the fire that had him worried.

“I’m going to have to rename that damn cat and take his name right out of it!” his master declared.

The leader sighed, “At least call him Heebum still. You don’t want to confuse the poor cat.” His master, glaring at the small flame again, didn’t answer. The leader sighed again. “I’ll go get the fire extinguisher then,” he said tiredly.

Sympathetically, the cat patted his chest with a furred paw. They all had to deal with their crazy friend more than they would like. Without another word the leader carried him into the kitchen and set him gently on the floor. “You should probably stay in here, just in case,” he murmured softly patting him on the head one last time. He voiced his agreement as the man moved to grab the large red object he had seen put out more flames in this dorm then anyone would believe.

The living room, despite how comfortable the back of the couch was, was no longer safe. He seemed to remember a pile of clean laundry in the laundry room that would be just as nice and, flicking his furred tail, he went to investigate it.


The doorbell was an annoyance, especially when he had just found a good patch of sunlight to sleep in. Thankfully he never had to answer its summons and therefore wouldn’t need to move from his spot. Still he cracked open one eye, just in case. If it was one of his master’s band mates, the one with large hands, a gentle temperament, and a talent for finding just the spot to pet, he wanted to be all over that.

The door, opened by the leader who looked just as tired after a night of sleep as he had before it, left them staring at a delivery boy of some sort. Not concerned any longer – delivery boys did not get to run their hands over his body – he closed his eye again.

“I have a delivery for a Cinderella,” the unfamiliar voice said.

“From who?” the leader asked.

“Says from a Prince Charming?” the delivery boy sounded confused, he found it funny.

“Okay,” The leader agreed.

“Not okay!” his master’s voice screeched from somewhere to the side. “You can take that back and tell Prince Charming he can shove it up his-” his master’s voice cut off and he was almost tempted to open his eyes and see what had happened, almost.

“Thank you,” The leader said, followed closely by the door slamming.

“You have no right to accept that!” his master screeched.

“What did you want him to do? Send it back? He has no idea who really sent this.”

“I don’t want anything from him in the house,” His master snapped.

“Oh look that is sweet, it is the shape of your steam bun thing and there is a card,” The leader said.

“Burn it too!” His master snapped. An alarm rang out and his master growled dangerously.

“Too bad you have to go to work now,” the leader said, relief coloring his voice.

“I’ll burn it when I get back!” his master declared. His footsteps were heavy with anger and then the slam of a door sounded.

“Gotta find the matches,” the man left behind murmured. “And burn them.” The footsteps shuffled off and he let himself doze, content with the fact that the house wouldn’t be burning down anytime soon.


There was a bug under the bed, he was certain of it and with a little more time he could actually catch it. It wasn’t as though he really wanted to catch it for food, it was simply something to do, something to chase. The sound of the door opening came from outside in the dorm and he flicked his ears curiously. No one was due home yet, the sun was still up after all.

A moment later the bedroom door that he had been locked behind opened and in walked one of his favorite people. It was the man that made his master smile and relax, not to mention never failed to bring him something delicious. He crawled from beneath the bed, the bug could wait, and meowed as he trotted towards the bare feet.

“Hey Heebum,” a smooth voice greeted, and gentle hands lifted him. They cradled him gently against a strong chest, shifting so that one of them could scratch him behind an ear. The man missed the spot, but only slightly, and he tilted his head to correct the error. There.

“I brought something for you,” he said at last, depositing him on the bed. He watched with curiosity as the man reached into a bag and pulled out a can. That smell he knew, the smell of tuna and chicken and not the fake stuff that some would try to bring him.

He mewled happily and the man smiled. “We just can’t tell Heechul since he thinks I spoil you and make you fat enough as it is,” the man told him as he cracked the can open.

Never would he give away this secret and the moment the can touched the bed he was diving into it nose first. “Don’t get that on the blankets,” the man warned and he offered him a look. As if he didn’t know better than that at this point. There was rustling, but he didn’t pay any mind to it until the can had been emptied and licked clean.

After thoroughly cleaning his paws and the rest of his face, he sat up to observe what was occurring in the room. Candles had been set up around the room on nearly every flat surface in the room, still unlit but ready. Dangerous as it looked, they could likely create an interesting effect. On the side table there was a small pot of something already suspended above an unlit candle. He rose, and leisurely padded over to investigate. It smelled sweet and as he neared a hand grabbed him around the middle and lifted him.

“Not for you,” the man scolded gently. “I need you to move anyway.”

He was deposited on his own bed in the corner, not as comfortable as his master’s bed, but close. For the moment he stayed where he had been placed, watching as the man moved around pulling the blankets from the bed and replacing them with darker ones. The concentration on the man’s face was intriguing to say the least.

When he had finished he reclined on the newly made bed and sighed. “Now we wait,” he murmured. Heebum took that as his cue to move and he padded silently over the floor and sprung up onto the bed. Without making noise he padded across the new soft sheets and right up onto the chest of the man lying upon them. He was welcomed with a gently pet on his head and down his back, as good as an invitation in his book, and he folded his legs and curled there, a purr rumbling up in his throat at the attention he was receiving.


The door opening woke them both and he lazily opened his eyes to focus on his master standing in the doorway a scowl on his face. The light flicked on a moment later ruining his night vision. By the time he had blinked his eyes back to clearness, he had already been shifted off the bed and onto the floor.

“Heechul,” the gentle man said softly.

His master didn’t respond, he simply moved to the closet and began disrobing with more violence than usual.

“Heechul,” the man said again, this time implying that his master was being foolish in his actions.

His master didn’t say anything as he gathered an armful of pajamas and a towel before walking right back out of the door he had come through. The gentle man, who was left standing beside the bed, sighed heavily. “Like master like pet they always say,” the man murmured, lifting him and placing him on his cat bed. Heebum wasn’t flattered by the comment and he offered the man a flat look that matched his owners. The man laughed and reached out to scratch him behind the ear, fingers finding the spot this time. Heebum melted and the man smiled, “Just like your master.”


He didn’t understand the need for the soft candle light, and the smells from the warmer were bothering his nose, but the gentle man who was sitting on his master’s bed seemed both nervous and satisfied with it. His master entered a few moments later, in pajamas and towel drying his hair. He took one look around the softly glowing room, and scowled.

“What the hell is this?” he asked, directing the full force of his glare at the man on the bed.

“An apology,” the man said although he sounded as though he really didn’t think he needed to apologize.

“You’re the dick who didn’t call me for an entire month and you think you can just seduce me right back into your arms?” his master growled.

Heebum was fairly certain the month was an exaggeration, but he was hardly an expert in human time telling. “I thought of it,” the gentle man agreed, “and it was only a week.”

“Get out,” his master said dangerously.

“Alright,” the gentle man agreed passively, rising from the bed. He paused by the still angry man kissed his cheek lightly. Heebum watched his master shove the man away, and the man let him, walking slowly out of the room, with a secretive smile on his face.

It only took a moment for his master to move to the bed and notice the items that had been left behind. Heebum was only really interested in the one with a bit of shine on it, but his master seemed interested in all. His fingers drifted over them, things that Heebum couldn’t care to remember the name of, and his expression softened. Then his master leaned over and sniffed the contents of the warming pot. “Bastard,” his master muttered softly, then “Get in here, you ass!”

A moment later the gentle man was leaning against the doorframe, smiling. “What the hell is this?” his master asked, holding up the shiny item and one of the others.

“That would be a cell phone and a DVD,” the man replied casually.

His master glared. “Would you like to see them fly at your head?”

The man actually laughed that time and moved forward. “I haven’t seen you in a week and I thought to seduce you, but if that didn’t work I figured I could always bribe you to love me with gifts.”

“I’m broken up with your sorry ass,” his master grumbled.

“Yes I do seem to remember that text,” the gentle man said, reaching out and drawing the other to him. He was braver then most, or perhaps he could simply read his master that easily.

“So you got the text,” his master hissed.

“Of course I did. I just wasn’t going to stop in the middle of a fan meeting to answer it. Beside it isn’t like I can say anything sensitive over the phone with your managers,” the man answered.

“Then what is this?” he asked, waving the shiny object.

“A phone that I bought for you. It’s under the name of one of my distant family members, so unless you let the managers see it, they will never know that it exists,” the man explained.

His master snorted. “As if they could find anything of mine I didn’t want them too, and this?” he asked waving the other object.

“It is a new American movie you were interested in,” the man explained.

“It isn’t even out yet,” was the flat answer.

“I have connections.”

“So you think a movie and a phone will just make me lay back and spread my legs for you?” his master asked.

“Well a movie and a phone with my secret line and Hangeng’s newest number programmed into it,” the man explained.

His master froze, “How?” he breathed.

“I have connections, Heechul,” the man said gently. “I can get around things that you are too constrained to get around right now.”

There was a long moment before his master sighed and leaned into the other man’s body. “Now I have to let you have your way with me,” he lamented, although Heebum could tell he wasn’t all that disappointed.

The man smiled and tilted his master’s head up so that their lips could meet in the strange motion that they often did. A soft noise escaped from his master and a moment later the split again, the gentle man running a hand down his master’s spine in a slow pet. “What is in the warmer?” his master practically purred.

“Massage oil,” the man answered grinning. “You have been favoring your leg again and I figured if the phone and movie didn’t work then I could at least help you relax and hope you would give into me.”

His master turned slightly and eyed something on the small table beside the bed. “I think hope is not a strong enough word.”

The man laughed, warm and pleasant, “maybe not. Heechul do you have time for me to touch every inch of your skin and help you to relax into me?”

“Hmm, I have four hours until my next schedule,” his master said flippantly.

“That would be a no then,” the man replied with a frown, pulling away.

Fingers tightened on the man’s clothing before he could get far. “Oh no you don’t Jay. I fully intend to let my boyfriend give me a fantastic message, then make him do all the work during some nice relaxing sex, and then I will get the best two hours of sleep I have gotten in a long time.”

“Or,” the man said with a laugh, “we could skip straight to the sleep.”

His master’s eyes darkened. “If you make me wait any longer you will lose parts of your anatomy when you sleep.”

“Well we wouldn’t want that would we?”

“No we wouldn’t,” his master agreed.

A moment later their lips were meeting again in a slow joining that only puzzled him. At least they both seemed to be enjoying themselves. The gentle man carful pulled the items from his master’s hands and set them on the table that was just in reach, all without breaking the contact of their lips.

When the soft sounds from his master began, and the man’s hand had crept under clothing to continue the petting, Heebum decided it was time to leave. It wasn’t as though he was bothered by what was going on, there would simply be more noise then he wanted to listen to in a very short amount of time. Plus he had been cooped up in the room all day, and if he wasn’t mistaken his favorite visitor had left the door wide open.

Lazily he rose from his curled up position on his cat bed and stretched, then hopped down daintily. He gave the pair a wide birth as he crept around them and slipped to the door. They wouldn’t step on him on purpose, but for some reason he had discovered that the strange lip touching they did made them forget everything else around them. So he was always extra careful and he slipped out of the room without trouble.

No sooner had he made it beyond the door, he heard a noise full of pleasure coming from within the room. It was time to find something else to do. In fact he seemed to remember a rather comfortable white bed that he hadn’t laid upon in some time. Perhaps the owner of the bed would be in there and he could get some petting out of the deal too. With that as his goal, he wandered off down the hall trying out his cutest version of a mew. If all else failed, in a while he could go back to his masters bedroom and be welcomed by a content and happy man. Either way, Heebum’s life was grand.

AN: This little thing just came to me one night, including the idea of having it from a cats point of view. I think I rather enjoy this and although the pairing was something different for me, it was fun to write. So I'm not dead guys. lol. Busy but not dead. I have a graduation ceremony in the beginning of May, then I should have some more time to write.
Fidomom: boy nipplefidomom on April 28th, 2011 04:23 am (UTC)
I thoroughly enjoyed that. Loved the Heebum POV and loved the JayChul dynamic! So sexy and romantic! ♥^_^

~FM :)
Kat Elrickat_elric on April 28th, 2011 10:24 pm (UTC)
Glad you liked it. ^_^ I loved writing it. Their dynamic is so fun to play with.
catherine_leitecatherine_leite on April 28th, 2011 05:57 am (UTC)
writing this from Heebum's POV..... Genius. Like it.
Kat Elrickat_elric on April 28th, 2011 10:25 pm (UTC)
Thanks. ^_^ It was fun.
kendii_1007kendii_1007 on April 28th, 2011 06:01 am (UTC)
this is amazing. i knew it wasn't hangeng even before that bit about hangeng's phone number (i dunno what gave away), and the guy being jay is so hawt. i love how sexy you wrote jay here. <3
Kat Elrickat_elric on April 28th, 2011 10:26 pm (UTC)
Thank you. ^_^ I have no idea what gave it away either, but I was hoping that most of Super Junior could be ruled out. I really do think that Jay can be sexy...
kendii_1007kendii_1007 on April 29th, 2011 11:24 am (UTC)
i don't think he can be sexy. i KNOW he can be sexy. XD
(Deleted comment)
Kat Elrickat_elric on April 28th, 2011 10:28 pm (UTC)
I'm glad that you liked it! ^_^ So excited that it was a pick up for you. Good luck with your essays.
Emma: heartstripysockz on April 28th, 2011 12:40 pm (UTC)
I do not know how, but you managed to capture the internal monologue of a cat perfectly - you have some epic skills there xD

Anyway, this was just the perfect mixture of snark and fluff and pure Heechul-ness and sheer adorableness and awww I loved it!! Why is it that everything you write has the power to turn me into a puddle of goo? Very happy goo, that is. I giggled like mad the whole time I was reading it, not to mention cooed over the mention of Hangeng! And I love the way you wrote Jay and Heechul! Just lovely to read in every way ^_^
Kat Elrickat_elric on April 28th, 2011 10:34 pm (UTC)
Aw thanks... I actually baby sit a cat on occasion and he amuses me lol. I swear that cat has some snark sometimes.

Hehe. I have no idea why I can turn you into a puddle of goo, but it is fun! I love writing Heechul and this is the first time that I have written Jay but I really enjoyed it. Thank you dear.
tokkei_12: traintokkei_12 on April 29th, 2011 12:02 am (UTC)
Despite being a major Hanchul fan, I have this crazy soft spot for Jaychul >.< Ah, this was really sweet and adorable, and all the more interesting since it was from dearest Heebum's POV. I especially like how Heebum has a rather descriptive way of narrating things, focuses on details like the bug under the bed, and doesn't refer to people by their names. In fact he seemed to remember a rather comfortable white bed that he hadn’t laid upon in some time. Heebum + Leeteuk = cuuuuute~ Their interactions were my favorite parts ^.^ Anyways, loved this! &hearts
Kat Elrickat_elric on April 30th, 2011 02:22 pm (UTC)
lol that is ok because I am a major Hanchul fan too, as evident by my fiction... lol.

Thank you. ^_^ I really liked the idea of Heebum. I tried to think of how a cat would think of things which is different the how people do. Names wouldn't really matter to a cat, beside his own, other then that it is all about relations. Hehe I seem to remember at one point Leeteuk had said he had to start closing his bedroom door because Heebum would just suddenly be there and scare the crap out of him otherwise, or something like that.

Glad you loved it!